How to Find UN Jobs?

Finding United Nations (UN) jobs requires navigating through the UN’s official job portals and understanding their recruitment processes. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you find UN job opportunities:

  1. Explore UN Job Portals: The UN has several official job portals where they advertise vacancies for various positions. The main portals are:
    • UN Careers Portal: This is the primary job portal for UN vacancies. You can access it at
    • UNDP Jobs: If you’re interested in working with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), you can find opportunities at
    • UNICEF Employment: For jobs related to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), visit
    • WHO Employment: If you’re interested in the World Health Organization (WHO), their job listings can be found at
  2. Search and Filter: Once on the respective job portal, you can search for jobs based on criteria such as location, job category, level, and more. Use the search and filter options to narrow down the job listings to the ones that match your skills and interests.
  3. Create a Profile: Many UN job portals require you to create a profile before you can apply for jobs. This profile typically includes your personal information, education, work experience, and skills. Make sure to provide accurate and detailed information.
  4. Search for Jobs: Use keywords relevant to your field of expertise to search for job listings. You can also subscribe to email alerts to receive notifications about new job openings that match your preferences.
  5. Review Job Descriptions: Carefully read the job descriptions and requirements for the positions you’re interested in. Make sure you meet the qualifications and have the necessary experience and skills.
  6. Submit Applications: When you find a job that you’re qualified for and interested in, follow the application instructions provided in the job listing. This may involve submitting a resume (curriculum vitae) and a cover letter. Some positions might require additional documents or responses to specific questions.
  7. Prepare Well: Tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight the skills and experiences relevant to the position. Emphasize your commitment to the UN’s values and mission. Use examples from your past work to demonstrate your suitability for the role.
  8. Stay Persistent: The UN receives a high volume of applications, so it’s possible that you might not hear back for some time, or you might not be selected for every position you apply for. Stay persistent and keep applying to positions that match your qualifications and interests.
  9. Prepare for Assessments: Depending on the position, you might need to go through assessments, interviews, and possibly tests. Be prepared to showcase your skills, experience, and alignment with the UN’s values during these assessments.
  10. Network and Stay Informed: Follow the UN’s social media accounts, subscribe to newsletters, and join relevant professional networks to stay informed about job opportunities and updates.

Remember that the competition for UN jobs can be fierce due to the organization’s reputation and the meaningful work it does. Tailoring your applications, showcasing relevant experience, and demonstrating a genuine commitment to the UN’s mission will enhance your chances of success.

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